If you are bioscience undergraduate & postgraduate students and researchers with interest in public health, nutrition, medical history, health education and public engagement, send us an email here for more information about the BEANii Bodyscience Communication & Leadership Programme 2013 – 2014.

BEANii Bodyscience Communication & Leadership Programme offers a unique opportunity for bioscience students and researchers to develop communication skills and public engagement capacity, through training and practical experience of working with Key Stage 2 children in a series of creative learning workshops in primary schools.

In addition to honing skills in leading science activities and getting a reference from BEANii for your role and involvement, volunteer participants of this programme will have a rewarding experience of seeing its impact on children’s learning, confidence and healthy lifestyle choices.

Maud Ragonnaud, one of the MSc Nutrition students at King’s College London that has volunteered on our programme last year, remarks, “Being part of BEANii and being deeply involved with the evaluation of this program for my MSc project has been such a rewarding experience, seeing the children grow in confidence and self-worth has truly been the highlight of my year!"