BEANii Squeers

Mrs. Squeers 2

BEANii Squeers is a creative learning workshop developed with support from the Wellcome Trust, where, through the lens of a bewildered braggart from Charles Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby, your students will learn and discern the social history of diseases from Victorian to modern-day London. 

'It was a real priviledge to take my class to a workshop in the oldest operating theatre in Europe. The atmosphere was magical. There was an interactive performance to set the scene and even rather shy pupils were totally engaged. It was wonderful that each child had the opportunity to hold, see and feel inside a heart. They learned a huge amount and the day passed in an instant. I have not seen them so engaged in a long while.' Commented one deputy head teacher.

The 2 hour interactive workshop includes:

· a mysterious Victorian medical predicament (tuberculosis) requiring students’ suggestions to solve

· learning about modern London's prevalence of heart disease, and how diet and exercise can keep students healthy 

· a heart, dissected 

· guided dramatic play to reprocess their scientific learning

Learning Objectives: 

· Tuberculosis was the leading cause of death in Victorian London. Coronary Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in modern-day London.

· Social conditions and individual choices contribute to the health of Londoners.

· The anatomy of the heart includes four chambers connected to arteries and veins.

· Diet and exercise help to keep your body healthy.  

Email info@beanii.org if you are interested in booking the 2 hour BEANii Squeers workshop for your class.