Beanii show _ cropBEANii Dickens is a programme of 10-weekly 2-hour creative learning workshops, for Years 5 & 6 students, leading to the performance of a children’s theatre show to school and parents.

The show, Harriet and Jake and the Victorian adventure, follows the journey of a brother and sister as they stumble on a special copy of Dickens’ Nicholas Nickleby and magically travel back to the year 1838, when the story was originally published. There they meet Smike, a Victorian boy dying of tuberculosis, and bring him to 2013 for treatment. The audience will explore Smike’s experience of living in modern day London as a child, and the choices available that impact on his health and well-being. Will Harriet and Jake save Smike before it’s too late?

BEANii Dickens uses academic resources developed through an interdisciplinary collaboration project supported by the Wellcome Trust.  Specialist input has been provided by theatre practitioners and educationalists, as well as biomedical scientists and historians from Great Ormond Street Hospital for children, King's College London, University College London and University of Strathclyde.

The structure of BEANii Dickens is 50% scientific input, 50% creative output. Our approach generates understanding through visual stimulation, physical demonstration and creative exploration. 

The workshops are led by DBS checked theatre professional and bioscience facilitators who are fully trained by BEANii.