Nowadays our children face many choices relating to their diet, exercise and sense of well-being, but what are the factors that influence their decisions, and the consequences?

We wanted to help our kids learn about how to help themselves have a healthier and happier lifestyle. Taking the approach of ‘by kids, for kids’, we got together our own children and 8 of their friends from school in our own homes and started the first BEANii in South Westminster in January 2011.

Since then, BEANii has delivered nearly 50 creative learning workshops, for over 100 children aged 8 – 11, from more than 10 different primary schools across 3 London boroughs.

Here is a little clip from our workshops in the summer of 2012:

Key milestones:

April 2011: BEANii incorporated as a Community Interest Company

January 2012: BEANii received funding from Peabody Trust to deliver community programme at Thamesbank Centre

July 2012: BEANii received support from the Wellcome Trust for the Great BEANii Dickens Adventure project

June 2013: Harriet and Jake and the Victorian adventure performed at the South West Fest 2013

September 2013: BEANii achieved charitable status and registered as a charity