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by Wendy on February 14, 2014

photo 1With Valentine's Day on the horizon, Educational Programme Advisor, Beth McGregor, saw the opportunity for a clear connection to the work BEANii had been doing in the classroom. As such, she designed a custom-made valentine to reinforce some of BEANii's core learning objectives. Integrating three weeks of teaching about how the heart works, the anatomical terms for the circulatory systems different parts, what factors contribute to coronary heart disease, and how the choices students make about diet and exercise can help them to maintain healthy hearts, she created "A Valentine's Day HEALTHY HEART" for each student.

During their regular Wednesday workshop in one of the North Westminster primary schools on February 12th, the four delivery team members, Beth McGregor, Leen Hajjar, Leila Ettehadieh, and Will Voelcker, passed out the valentines. The delivery team was a bit concerned that the students would be hankering for the typical valentine accompaniment of a sugary sweet chocolate or candy heart, but to their happy surprise, the students were very excited to grab pencils and begin completing the two interior heart portions that made up each "Healthy Heart."

On the side with EXERCISE, students circled their favourite types of exercise, and wrote in any additional types they enjoyed. On the other side, HEALTHY DIET, students listed the kinds of lean meats, nuts, vegetables, and fruits that they enjoyed eating. Running, Dancing, and Football were class favourites among exercise, and each student managed to come up with at least one example of a fruit, vegetable, and lean protein that they enjoyed.

After sharing their completed "Healthy Heart" with one of the four team members (listed on the back as the 4 chambers of the heart), they put it in their trays to take home, with instructions to share it with a family member as well.

Happy Valentine's Day!photo 2


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