Founded in January 2011, BEANii is an award-winning educational charity based in Westminster that makes it fun for children and young people to explore the science of what makes them feel good and function well.

BEANii aims to enable our children to both a happier and healthier adulthood, by empowering them to make more informed decisions over their well-being choices.

We do this through our innovative programme of creative learning workshops to increase children and young people’s understanding of the bioscience factors that affect the way they function and feel.

Councillor Heather Acton, Deputy Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, Westminster City Council, comments: “BEANii's work will help to enable young people to gain the knowledge to have a healthy adulthood.

Using drama as a tool, we deliver cross-curriculum creative learning workshops for Key Stage 2 students in primary schools, such as BEANii Dickens, an academically rigorous programme devised with support from the Wellcome Trust. Our innovative programme increases children’s confidence, develops cross-curriculum inquiry skills and topic knowledge, as well as impacts on healthy lifestyle choices.

Chair of the BEANii Dickens project steering group, and Consultant Paediatrician at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, Professor Ricky Richardson remarks, “This programme gets children involved in drama as a way of educating them about science and the changing impact of disease over time. It provides a wonderfully innovative medium for children to learn of the benefits of healthy living, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.

We value working with BEANii and the wider community as this is very valuable for the children and impacts on their knowledge and confidence,” remarks Head teacher, St. Barnabas’ CE Primary School.

BEANii is a registered charity no. 1153920